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Steve Thompson

Founder & CEO

Steve has worked in renewables for over 10 years, first with a turbine servicing company and now with development. He has developed over 280 MW of power during his time in renewables. Steve enjoys hiking, fishing and hunting alongside his family.


Marla Thompson

Project Developer

Since joining the company in 2016, Marla has been instrumental in launching projects in New York, Montana, and Iowa. Growing up in rural Nebraska Marla grew up loving anything having to do with nature. Any of her extra time is spent with family, pets, and outdoor activities.


Megan Thompson

Project Manager

Megan joined the company in 2019 and is working on helping Optimum meet its goal of branching out into solar development. Megan spends her free time hiking, biking, and enjoying the outdoors with her friends and family.

Optimum Renewables was founded in 2013 by three partners. Today, we are family owned and operated by Steve, his wife Marla, and daughter Megan.


Together, we develop wind and solar projects nationwide as we strive towards our vision of a cleaner America. Working with Investors, Communities, and Local Landowners, we are able to assist the United States in reaching their goal of Renewable Energy dependence






Optimum’s pursuit of a cleaner and more efficient America is what leads our company vision and mission. We believe that by working with communities and local energy providers, we can make an impact on how energy is delivered in the future.


At Optimum, we stay true to three core values: create 

sustainability, retain integrity, and inspire change.


As a result of following our core beliefs and continuing to pursue our initial vision, we expect a healthier tomorrow in energy production for the United States.